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Monday through Saturday 8am - 6pm

Sunday 8am-4pm weather permitting

Take advantage of 6 month unlimited wash pass for the price of 5 for a limited time only.

Car Wash Services
Full Service Locations
(Lebanon, Lemoyne, Altoona, Lancaster West)

  1. Exterior Wash-

Outside washes, hand dried by our personnel.

  1. Full Service Wash-

Outside Washed, Interior vacuumed and inside windows cleaned, hand dried by our personnel.

  1. Super Wash-

Includes the full service wash, sealer wax, and undercarriage wash.

  1. Works Wash-

Includes the Super Wash + wheel cleaner, Tires Dressed, 3 coats of polish wax, air freshener.

  1. Rain X Package-

Includes the Works Wash and Rain X Total Body applied for a great lasting shine.

Ala Cart Items: Express Detailing Options
These are offline Express Detail Services, no appointment needed These services take 15-30 min after your car wash.

  1. Hand Wax

After Wash, vehicle is coated with a liquid paste wax for a 90 day guarantee shine, takes approximately 15-30 minutes while you wait. $30.00 + tax

  1. Super Interior-

For those extra dirty interiors, after the wash process your vehicles interior Is blown out with a air nozzle, getting deep penetration in all the crack and crevices, we then re-vacuumand finally dress all leather and vinyl with low gloss all purpose dressing, only 15-30 minutes while you wait. $30.00 + tax

  1. Carpet Shampoo-

When just vacuuming isn't enough, try our hot steam and scent shampoo, either your seats or carpets can be shampooed quickly and efficiently with our commercial cleaner, no appointment needed.
About 15-30 minutes while you wait after your wash. $30.00 for each service.

A Full Detailing Menu is also available

  1. Exterior Buffed and Waxed with a high tech Polymer.

Removes surface scratches, mold spores and other contaminate that accumulate on the surface painted areas of your vehicle. $89.95 and up + tax

  1. Complete Interior Shampoo + Cleaning

Seats and carpets and all fabric is shampooed with our hot system shampooer.
All Vinyl and leather is cleaned and dressed. $69.95 and up + tax


  1. Engine Washed Down , Cleaned and Degreased $24.95 + tax


All Detail Services must have apt and be looked at prior to drop off.

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